The Best Peruvian Recipes. Lo Mejor del Sabor Peruano. By Ron and Maricarmen Lemley.

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This book has proven, easy recipes for the most popular and iconic dishes of the Peruvian cuisine for the English-speaking cook. These are the best home cooking recipes assembled of popular Peruvian dishes, drinks, and desserts.
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 The Best Peruvian Recipes. Lo  Mejor  del Sabor Peruano. By Ron and Maricarmen Lemley. ISBN:978-0-915745-50-0. Library of Congress Control Number: 2020943474. 6" x 9" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) Full Color on White paper 45 pages

A color illustrated and extremely practical cookbook of the most popular and traditional Peruvian main dishes, drinks, and desserts. It offers alternatives for the English-speaking cook in finding substitutes, if necessary, for Peruvian ingredients, such as chiles that form the basis for the cuisine. Some dishes use a mixture of fresh chiles and pastes from ají amarillo, rocoto, and panca chiles.

This is food people want to cook and the directions are relatively easy to follow. Peru is full of these kinds of recipes: flavorful, often one-pot, often family-friendly, definitely unique dishes.

Maricarmen Lemley is originally from Lima, Peru, and she is a bilingual teacher who uses Literature as way of teaching her students English and Spanish. 

She studied Children's Literature at the University of Salamanca, Spain and lives with her husband in Cajamarca, Peru.

Her husband, Ronald W. Lemley, is also a bilingual teacher and is the author of The Wee Bannock an Scottish Fairy Tale  and the Xavier Series books.

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