Carnival King
Carnival King

Carnival King: The Last Latin Monarch. Brent Alan James, Jr.

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As Brazil prepares to receive its new king--the fourth in its history, but the first in one hundred years--it seems lawmakers have accounted for every eventuality, except for one tiny detail: identifying the legitimate Brazilian heir to the throne, when the Supreme Court suddenly disqualifies the Portuguese descendant.
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Carnival King: The Last Latin Monarch. By Brent Alan James, Jr. ISBN: 978-0-915745-78-4. $22.95.

"In April of 1993, Brazilian voters were given a choice between continuing with a president, adopting a prime minister and parliament, or bringing back its long dormant monarchy. Carnival King is the story of what might have happened had they opted for the latter. Outlawing the G-string bikini on Rio de Janeiro’s beaches! Auctioning the country’s name to the highest bidder!

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