Far from my Mother’s Home. By Bárbara Mujica-Parodi.

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This is an E.L. Doctorow-award-winning stories of cross-cultural perspectives, anthology of short stories by the author of the novel The Deaths of Don Bernardo (Floricanto Press, 1989). Mario Bencastro, from The Washington Review says that "Bárbara Mujica narrates with singular mastery and luxury of detail, creating characters that are both remarkable and familiar... [She] has succeeded in transcending the narrative itself in order to convey emotions and exalt human values."
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Feature: Sephardic Biography
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Feature: Sephardic Jews settling in Mexico
Feature 5 Sephardic Jews settling in the U.S.

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Far from my Mother’s Home. By Bárbara Mujica. E.L. Doctorow-award-winning stories of cross-cultural perspectives. ISBN: 978-0915745-28-9 $19.00 

Far from My Mother's Home is Bárbara Mujica’s collection of stories were written during the decade prior to the publication of her novel, The Deaths of Don Bernado. These tales are truly dramatic and perfectly conceived with respect to form and content. The themes are modern and pertinent. The action is encased in a viv­id realism that creates a certain visual quality. The situations, which are both specific and universal, are brought to life through an abundant and direct lan­guage. It is as though the writer were moved by a keen desire to show us each predicament from all angles.

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