Gorgaroth. By Miguel Angel Paez Munoz

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“Una memorable lectura repleta de amenas líneas e imágenes para recordar, como la del divertido sacrificio de la chica en la iglesia en Cabo de Gata.” - GOATS HEAD LITERARY REVIEW
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Gorgaroth. By Miguel Ángel Páez Muñoz. ISBN: 978-1514291160 . $20.95.

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the institution that protects Castillian from barbarians and linguistic rebels, must be up in arms!! Miguel Ángel Páez Muñoz is not only a creative writer of the first order, but also he is someone who makes the story and the characters the center of his literary creations, not the Spanish language, the Castillian, per se, rather it becomes just a fluid, compliant, and convenient vehicle to transport his ideas. This author takes the Spanish syntax, morphology, and linguistic conventions and throw them out the window, however his words are clear, his stories are funny and enthralling. Leyla Namazie, LatinoBooks.net.

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