Paraísos duros de roer
Paraísos duros de roer

Heaven is Hard to Swallow =Paraísos duros de roer. By Rafael Pérez Gay.

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Los cinco relatos de Paraísos duros de roer integran un libro sobre el deseo, el tiempo, el erotismo y la muerte. This book, originally published in Spanish, comprises of five short stories, a cultural and historical analysis about desire, time, eroticism and death.
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Heaven is Hard to Swallow =Paraísos duros de roer. By Rafael Pérez Gay. Translated in to English by Dr. Eduardo Jiménez Mayo. ISBN: 978-1-888205-29-9. $22.95.

A forlorn psychoanalyst; a cultural historian exploring the possibility of life after death; a middle-aged couple that schedules a rendezvous with a younger version of itself; a man who compensates for his phobia of death and dying with intense sadomasochistic practices; a writer who futilely explores the sexual habits and customs of Mexico City: These five short stories comprise the body of Heaven is Hard to Swallow (Paraísos duros de roer), the latest masterpiece of the phenomenal Mexican publisher, journalist and fiction writer, Rafael Pérez Gay.


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