Kidnapped by Columbus. Marc Wilson.

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“This fascinating novel offers a historical perspective of the times of discovery of the New World from the eyes of a Taíno—the first natives who Columbus encountered—which gives a humanly touch and new understanding of this native culture. Marc Wilson recreates the compelling story of Enriquillo, a great leader of the natives in the Spanish conquered islands in the Caribbean, and who became a prisoner of Spain. His tale articulates a unique reality never shared before as it delves in the relationship between the native captive and the Spanish captor.”—Salvador Habún, El Vocero. P.R. 
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Feature: Caribbean Taino History
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Feature: Mexican Indian Nahua leaders
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Kidnapped by Columbus. Marc Wilson. ISBN: 978-1981434329 $23.95

Christopher Columbus wanted to prove he’d reached the edge of India. So, when he returned to Spain in 1493, he brought samples of gold, exotic plants, strange birds, and six Taíno “Indians” to the court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. “Kidnapped by Columbus” is the fictional—largely accurate—historical account of the “Indians’” voyage to the Old World told through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old Native American. Columbus and his “Indians” returned to Spain at the height of the Inquisition, in the wake of the expulsion of all Jews and the final defeat of Islam in Europe. The “Indians” encounter some of the most prominent figures in history—Isabella and Ferdinand, Grand Inquisitor Tomás Torquemada, Catherine of Aragón, the ill-fated Prince Juan, and Pope Rodrigo Borgia, who issues Papal Bulls changing the boundaries of the Western Hemisphere to this day. 

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