La Malinche
La Malinche

La Malinche. By Jane Eppinga.

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The Spaniards fulfilled the visions and prophecies of the native people in their push for more gold than they could carry. We follow Malinche, the pampered Maya princess, from her betrothal to the powerful Moctezuma to the bed of the conqueror, Cortés.
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Feature: Mexican History
Feature: Malintzin
Feature: Doña Marina
Feature: Mexican Indian Nahua leaders
Feature 5 Hernán Cortés
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La Malinche. By Jane Eppinga. ISBN 978-1481064804.

Throughout history, countries have been conquered; civilizations destroyed; cultures eliminated; people killed by the masses. All for God and gold. Jane Eppinga’s interest and vast experience in writing about history culminates in a fascinating, multilayered story in La Malinche. Eppinga takes the conquest of Mexico to a deeper level as we follow the people whose lives were changed forever, or lost to the sweep of history. She follows the Spaniards from the narrow streets of the Old Jewish Quarter in Seville to the New World on their search for unconquered land. We march with the Conquistadors from the Guadalquivir River to the massive pyramids and stone ruins of Mexico. We love and hate, pity and admire the characters who die, endure or conquer. We live in the violent and complex Aztec culture through their food, medicines and fearful family life.  

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