Lake City Way Ninja Girl. By Cait Moore.

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it is a story about barriers and lines we all must eventually tackle. It explores lines between cultures, races, age, and growing up.
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Lake City Way  Ninja Girl. By Cait Moore. ISBN:13: 978-091574525-8 $19.95. 6x9, B&W, 280 pgs.

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Driven mad by poverty, the death of her father, and the ruthless streets of North Seattle’s Lake City, twelve-year-old Gabriela Urieta puts on her ski-mask at night and becomes Ninja Girl. In her own mind, she’s a superhero—the only hope for cleaning up her neighborhood. In reality, she’s a sixth-grader who drugs her little brother to sleep so she can sneak out at night and rob criminals.

Using money taken from her victims, Gaby hires a transient as her sidekick, naming him “Wallman.” Together they get lost in her comic-book fantasy.  But before long, Ninja Girl and her family find themselves in all sorts of danger.

She’s small, she’s angry, she’s trained in mixed martial arts—and she’s only twelve.

This book made me believe that there are indeed superheroes walking among us.  Percy Levy

Gaby is a literary knockout!  Arthur Longworth

Cait Moore, studied commerce and law in Australia and pursued her career in the capital markets in London.  Since she was knee high to a kangaroo, she’s harboured a deep love for the written word.  Her fervent belief in the “one” has led her to explore in her fiction, what binds two hearts and souls.   Hers, belongs to her husband, author, Michael J. Moore.   Follow her at and

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