Latina Mistress
Latina Mistress

Latina Mistress. By R.F. Sánchez.

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This is true, well documented story about young and pretty illegal alien women in El Paso, Texas, who unknowingly fall or conveniently acquiesce to the sexual demands of their male employers.
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Feature: Immigrant Latinas
Feature: Latino literature
Feature: Latino Historical Fiction
Feature: Mexican American barrio life
Feature 5 Latinas sexual harassment
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Latina Mistress. By R.F. Sánchez. ISBN: 978-0-915745-91-3. $24.95.

This novel depicts the dramatic lives of two beautiful sisters, both Latina undocumented aliens, and how some people take advantage of their weakness and their sex. In this sense this novel is a classic tale of what has always occurred with female illegal aliens all along; the powerful taking advantage of the weaker and more disadvantaged members of society.


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