Los Duros
Los Duros

Los Duros. By Manuel Luis Martínez.

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Los Duros is the Winner of the Thirty-Sixth Annual AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS!!! This is a haunting story of racism and poverty and sacrifice and love. Manuel Luis Martinez writes with such courage and grace, and he has much to show us about the comings and goings of people forced to the edge. The characters and events of this novel are unforgettable.
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Los Duros. By Manuel Luis Martínez. ISBN: 978-1497473553

Winner of the Thirty-Sixth Annual AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS!!!

Los Duros is a destitute colonia suffocating in the brutal heat of the Mojave Desert. Families must live without running water or electricity as they attempt to survive on the edge of the Salton Sea, a toxic lake where dead fish rot and poisons pollute the shore. The reality of living in the shanty wastelands of the affluent jewel cities of southern California threatens to destroy two young men living in desperate poverty and abandonment.

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