Mexican Queer Theater. By Clary Loisel.

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These adeptly translated queer Mexican plays offer an important contribution to theater, queer studies, and gender studies. Mexican Queer Theater is not only a must read because of its artistic contributions, but also because it illuminates the work of traditionally marginalized voices. This impressive, eclectic collection of plays deals with a broad range of issues including homophobia, passion, AIDS, power and control, and iconoclasm.
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Mexican Queer Theater. By Clary Loisel, Ph.D. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 9781519636881. $16.95

Clary Loisel offers a wonderful selection of plays by Mexican writers, addressing the personal, social, and structural challenges people with various sexual identities face. This exquisite collection makes available to an English readership the works of these Mexican playwrights, pieces that are not readily available in the United States. Through the translation of these Mexican artists’ works, Clary Loisel opens new doors to our knowledge and understanding of Mexico, allowing us to see the commonality of our human existence and the shape of our love and power relations as we work through our gendered and sexual identities. Sarah Hernandez, Associate Professor of Sociology New College of Florida

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