Nueva California: Volumes I & II. By Todd Cook.

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“This fascinating novel offers a historical perspective of the times of discovery of the New World from the eyes of a Taíno—the first natives who Columbus encountered—which gives a humanly touch and new understanding of this native culture. Marc Wilson recreates the compelling story of Enriquillo, a great leader of the natives in the Spanish conquered islands in the Caribbean, and who became a prisoner of Spain. His tale articulates a unique reality never shared before as it delves in the relationship between the native captive and the Spanish captor.”—Salvador Habún, El Vocero. P.R. 
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Feature: California History
Feature: Fray Junipero Serra biography
Feature: New Spain, Mexico Spanish colonization
Feature: California Spanish colonization
Feature 5 State of California history from Spanish colonial times
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Nueva California: Volumes I & II. By Todd Cook. ISBN-13: 978-1984279620 $35.95
6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper. 338 pages

In 1775, young Diego Soberanes is considered one of the greatest and most charismatic singers to ever grace the stages of Mexico City. But a scandalous affair with a powerful officer’s wife forces Diego to flee to remote Nueva California. There, Diego takes refuge at Mission San Carlos Borromeo, where he will serve under his spiritual idol, Father Junípero Serra. Though he believes he will soon return to the lights and glamour of Mexico City, it is not to be. Over the remainder of his 102-year life in Nueva California, Diego will experience love, tragedy and redemption, even as his life parallels the rise and fall of the California missions.

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