Solo Cholo University chronicles the author's metamorphosis, evolving from the street smarts necessary to survive a gang war zone in East San Jose, California, to achieving educational enlightenment at a higher learning institution.
Enrique S. Flores, an unorthodox book writer, an intuitive life coach, a Social Worker, a muralist, a paradigm shift practitioner, and a man of faith, began writing books at age eighteen to find his voice. Solo Cholo University was the first book that he wrote on a typewriter, and Enrique Flores distributed hard copies he made at a print shop. Enrique S. Flores has beaten the odds time and time again, committed to paying it forward all the mentorship he received from educators but also the love and support from his parents. Enrique S. Flores is proud to be the son of immigrants, proud to be from East San Jose's "Story and King Roads" neighborhood. He is also proud to be the first in his family to graduate successfully from a United States university, Santa Clara University, earning both a Bachelor's and a Master's degrees. 

Thanks to financial aid from the Jesuit Community, Enrique S. Flores was able to have access to quality education at Bellarmine College Preparatory beginning in tenth grade. Enrique S. Flores has dedicated twenty years serving vulnerable populations as a classroom teacher, youth intervention specialist, and behavioral health counselor. Floricanto Press also published Enrique S. Flores' memoir Barrio Side Hero (2019) and his novel, Kankin's Kingdom Foreseen, Based on the True Story of Tough Love (2019). "Solo Cholo University opens the window into my most vulnerable thoughts, feelings, and experiences that lay hidden for decades." 

Solo Cholo University is a Transformational Workbook and effective intervention and prevention tool. We often hear that one must meet a youth where they are. Well, this autobiographical workbook does just that. Not only does it relate to vulnerable youth suffering from complex trauma, but Solo Cholo University will also assist youth who feel lost a "way out" to greener pastures. Solo Cholo University chronicles the life of a young man of color. It describes in vivid detail the author's metamorphosis process evolving from the street smarts necessary to survive a gang war zone to achieving educational enlightenment at a higher learning institution. The author of Solo Cholo University invites the reader to follow in his footsteps too, in turn, experience their transformation and counter-culture paradigm shifts."

 • "Reading Solo Cholo University hit me in my soul and challenged my thinking. The direct and raw nature of Enrique's writing made me realize in a new way how many layers of racism and discrimination our black and brown youth have to navigate. Enrique's focus in the book is connecting and brings us together." - Dr. Harold J. Hoyle 

 • "Extremely suspenseful! Uplifting! Known as Silencio in the hood to holding seminars speaking to troubled youth is amazing. Enrique shines the light for us to see the clear path ahead. Knowing there is hope for us in the Varrio. From being in the same barrio putting in work to watching him grow and breaking the mold made it possible for me to do the same!" - Richard "Rich" Sanchez 

 • "Solo Cholo University made me feel that I wasn't alone! It empowered me to break free of the adversity and vicious cycle that we face growing up in the East Side." - Jessica Bautista

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