The Neurosurgeon. By Michel Estrada.

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Its narrative mirrors, even in the dystopian Cuban society, the rotten core at the heart of the false dichotomy of extreme left and right political and economic interests.
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The Neurosurgeon. By Michel Estrada. Translated by Jon Jaramillo. ISBN 978-0-915745-59-3. Library of Congress Control Number:  2020946590 6"x9", B&W on cream paper 345 pages $17.95. 

Michael the protagonist, who is both a neurosurgeon and a family man with a beautiful, supportive wife and a typical athletic son with aspirations of being a baseball player, has devised a way to annihilate degenerative neurons using nanotechnology, potentially providing relief from the disease of addiction for millions of people. However, major power brokers around the world will stop at nothing to either prevent him from realizing his capitalist endeavor with a philanthropic aim or seize his knowledge for their own nefarious purposes. This is a story destined for the big screen because its narrative mirrors the rotten core at the heart of the false dichotomy of extreme left and right political and economic interests. It shows us how even the most altruistic and best intentions can produce devastating consequences when pride blinds us from seeing that family is more important than monetary pursuits, fortune or even being a hero.  How do we create justice and ensure peace when so many forces conspire to deny its materialization, when drug trafficking continues to be a cancer that eats away at our security, and exacerbates an already volatile world facing terrorism? Would you sacrifice your loved ones to save the world?   

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