The Salvation of La Purísima. T.M. Spooner.

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explores the forces driving Mexican migrants north and the resulting impact on the communities and families left behind. The journey north is no longer just an economic necessity, but has evolved into a rite of passage for so many of Mexico's rural youth.
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The Salvation of La Purísima. T.M. Spooner. ISBN: 978-0-915745-88-3. $22.95.

The Salvation of La Purísima is a profound and heartrending look at a disenfranchised and poverty-ridden society that, driven by the necessity of its own survival, culturally pressures its members to make a perilous migration and earn money whether they want to go or not. Highly recommended. - Midwest Book Review

Perhaps the biggest achievement of the story are real characters that you quickly learn to like and care about. Consequently, there's a more human face put on the current phenomenon of "illegal immigration." These people are not simply numbers and statistics but, rather, living, breathing human beings. I look forward to seeing more from Señor Spooner.

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