Under a Dark Sun
Under a Dark Sun

Under a Dark Sun. Robert Friedman.

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Nick, who has come to Colón to escape an earlier life of poverty, drugs, alcohol and a failed marriage, is drawn to Sara and her plight, and together they go up against the conspiracies and deceit that increasingly menace Sara's life.
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Under a Dark Sun. Robert Friedman. ISBN: 978-1-888205-26-8. $17.95.

Crime, corruption and colonialism converge both satirically and tragically in Under a Dark Sun, set on the Caribbean island of Colón. Located on author Robert Friedman's literary map in the Lesser Antilles, the Hispanic island is not far from Puerto Rico. After Sara Vázquez returns to Colón, the island of her birth, hoping to find a place she can truly call home, she witnesses a murder. Sara is soon caught in the underside of life on the island. She turns to Nick Ortiz, who covers the police beat for the English-language newspaper.

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