What a Barrio Life, Ese! ¡Ay, que Padre es la vida! By Félix Figueroa

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Félix Figueroa describes in What a Barrio Life, Ése! ¡Ay, Qué Padre es la Vida! a Latino family surrounded by a congregation of characters—typical of barrio social life and customs—embedded in stories and situations, which represent the barrio as a most sui generis socially active quarters wherefactual and metaphorical boundaries are enclaved in culture, language, and predicated in everyday endurance and active struggle.
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What a Barrio Life, Ese! ¡Ay, que Padre es la vida! By Félix Figueroa. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 978-1511887687. $24.95.

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses.

What a Barrio Life, Ese! ¡Ay, Qué Padre es la Vida! is an assemblage of characters embedded in humorous stories rooted in the heart of everyday “barrio” life and culture. The author’s father, Félix G. Figueroa, and his brother-in-law Edward García shared many of these stories with the author when he was a young boy. The narrative has been masterfully interwoven with real personal accounts; Mexican-American folklore, culture and tradition; and lots of “dichos.” It tells the story of one “familia”—the Porfirio Parcelona family—comprised of a womanizing, beer drinking, always scheming father; an overbearing, extremely religious Catholic mother; fifteen mischievous, adventure seeking brothers and a hopelessly romantic, overly large older sister.


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